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In the heart of Lakeland, FL, where the sun graces us with its warmth and the outdoors beckons for attention, Total Site Amenities stands as your premier builder for Lakeland Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos, we bring your dream outdoor living spaces to life, combining functionality with unmatched aesthetic appeal.

Let us make your outdoor vision a reality, enhancing the beauty and utility of your space with structures that stand the test of time.

Our Nationwide Service: A Testament to Quality and Customization

Total Site Amenities takes pride in being the top Lakeland Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos Builders, offering custom site amenities that beautifully blend with any outdoor setting. Our commitment spans:

  • Custom Design and Construction: Tailoring outdoor structures, from open-air pavilions to bespoke patio designs, ensuring each project meets our clients’ unique visions.
  • Quality and Durability: Emphasizing high-end outdoor structures and commercial outdoor structures that promise longevity and aesthetic appeal.

    Customized Solutions from Lakeland Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos Builders

    Our approach to creating your perfect outdoor space is detailed and thoughtful, encapsulating the essence of customization and personal touch:
    1. Initial Consultation: We start by understanding your unique needs and preferences.
    2. Design Customization: Tailoring designs to fit your space perfectly, from landscape structures to custom site amenities.
    3.  Material Selection: Choosing the best materials for durability and aesthetics, whether for outdoor park structures or residential outdoor spaces.
    4. Construction and Installation:  Implementing the design with precision, ensuring seamless integration into your existing landscape.
    5. Aftercare and Maintenance: Offering guidance on maintaining your new outdoor structure to ensure its longevity.

    Our Spectrum of Services

    Pavilions: Gathering Under Elegance

    As Lakeland Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos Builders, we offer pavilions that are more than structures; they are the heartbeats of communities, providing:

    • Shade and shelter for gatherings
    • Durable, weather-resistant materials
    • Custom designs for parks, schools, and community centers

    Pergolas: Weaving Shade and Style

    Our pergolas stand as symbols of elegance, offering:

    • Tailored designs that complement any landscape
    • Functional beauty that enhances outdoor living
    • Diverse materials for longevity and aesthetic appeal

    Gazebos: Nooks of Serenity

    Crafting gazebos that offer:

    • Unique, serene retreats for homes and communities
    • Personalized designs, reflecting individual style
    • A focal point for relaxation and entertainment

      Innovating Outdoor Spaces with Advanced Features

      Experience the TSA Difference

      Smart Integration for Modern Outdoor Spaces In the digital age, we incorporate smart technology into our outdoor structures, offering:

      • Automated shade systems in pergolas for optimal sunlight control
      • Lighting solutions for pavilions and gazebos, enhancing ambiance and usability
      • Durable and eco-friendly materials that support a sustainable lifestyle

      The Unparalleled Benefits of Choosing Us

      Partnering with us means enjoying benefits that extend beyond the immediate beauty of our structures, including:

      • Aesthetic and Functional Enhancement: Our outdoor structures, from luxury backyard installations to innovative park designs, elevate both the utility and appeal of any space.
      • Sustainable and Versatile Solutions: We provide eco-friendly options that cater to a wide range of outdoor needs, from residential to commercial projects.
      • A Commitment to Excellence: Our dedication to quality ensures that every project we undertake is a testament to durability and beauty.

      Custom Outdoor Solutions for Every Sector

      Our expertise extends to designing and constructing specialized structures for various sectors, including:


      • Smoking enclosures for public and commercial spaces
      • Covered walkways for educational campuses and corporate buildings
      • Bespoke outdoor living areas for residential communities and luxury homes
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        Why Choose Us?

        Opting for Lakeland Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos Builders means embracing a multitude of benefits, including:

        • Enhanced Property Appeal: Our constructions, from open-air pavilions to elegant garden pergolas, elevate the aesthetics and functionality of any space.
        • Versatile Outdoor Solutions: We merge practicality with beauty, providing everything from large outdoor park shade structures to bespoke patio designs.
        • Commitment to Sustainability: Our choice of materials and designs reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and durability.



        Begin Your Outdoor Transformation Today

        Partnering with Total Site Amenities, your trusted Lakeland Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos Builders, means turning your outdoor space dream into a tangible reality. Reach out to us to embark on a journey of transformation that promises not just an enhancement of your outdoor space but a complete reimagination of what it can be.

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        Let us be the architects of your outdoor paradise, where every element is a reflection of your taste and lifestyle. Contact us now for a complimentary quote and consultation, and take the first step towards the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of.



        Our pergolas masterfully combine functionality with style, providing tailored shade, enhancing outdoor aesthetics, and integrating seamlessly with any landscape design for versatile use.



        Our gazebos are uniquely crafted sanctuaries, offering personal retreats that feature bespoke designs, tranquil settings, and durable construction for year-round enjoyment.



        Our pavilions transcend mere architectural structures; they emerge as pivotal community landmarks, fostering gatherings and enriching lives

        Total Site Amenities: Masters of Outdoor Enhancement in Lakeland