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At Total Site Amenities, we specialize in blending functionality with unmatched aesthetic appeal, ensuring every project is a testament to our dedication. Our Ocala Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos builders and designers focus on creating custom structures that enhance the beauty of your property and serve as functional spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

Why Choose Total Site Amenities for Your Outdoor Project?

Expertise in Custom Outdoor Structures

At Total Site Amenities, we understand that every space has its unique story and requirements. Our team of skilled builders and designers specializes in creating custom outdoor structures that not only enhance the beauty of your property but also serve as functional spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Our services include:

  • Custom Pavilions: Create serene gathering spots or vibrant community centers.
  • Elegant Pergolas: Add style and shade to your backyard or commercial space.
  • Luxurious Gazebos: Craft tranquil outdoor living and entertainment areas.
  • Hardscaping and Landscaping: Enhance your space’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Outdoor Site Furnishings: Provide comfort and style with high-quality furnishings.

Nationwide Service and Unmatched Customization

Ocala Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos Builders is renowned for our nationwide service, offering unparalleled customization capabilities. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that every outdoor structure, from shade structures to commercial outdoor structures, is built to perfection. Our expertise in community development solutions and outdoor park structures, including large outdoor park shade structures and outdoor park play structures, sets us apart as leaders in the industry.

Service Breakdown: Ocala Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos Builders

Pavilions: The Heart of Community Gathering

    • Design and Construction: Custom designs that cater to community needs and aesthetics.
    • Functionality: Ideal for events, shelter, and enhancing communal spaces.
    • Materials: Utilization of durable materials for longevity.

    Pergolas: Artistry in Outdoor Spaces

      • Custom Designs: Tailored to fit the unique style and functionality of your space.
      • Versatility: Perfect for gardens, walkways, and outdoor relaxation areas.
      • Enhancement: Adds beauty and value to any property.

      Gazebos: Personalized Spaces of Tranquility

      • Customization: Personalized to fit your landscape and style preferences.
      • Functionality: Offers a serene retreat or a focal point for gatherings.
      • Durability: Constructed with materials meant to withstand the elements.

      Enhancing Outdoor Spaces: Beyond Structures

      Our services extend beyond structures to include comprehensive outdoor space enhancement. From hardscaping and landscaping to outdoor site furnishings, Ocala Pavilions, Pergolas, and Gazebos Builders offers complete solutions for creating the perfect outdoor environment.

      Our comprehensive services include:

      • Hardscaping and Landscaping: Transforming your outdoor areas into functional and aesthetic spaces.
      • Outdoor Site Furnishings: Providing comfort and style with high-quality furnishings.
      • Shade Structures and More: Offering solutions for every outdoor need, from shade to entertainment spaces.

      Innovative Solutions for Unique Outdoor Challenges

      • Smoking Enclosures: Designing comfortable and compliant areas for smokers.
      • Covered Walkways: Enhancing connectivity and protection across spaces.
      • Custom Outdoor Structures: From open-air pavilions to bespoke garden features.
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      Total Site Amenities: Your Ocala Outdoor Structures Builder

      Ready to transform your outdoor space into a stunning retreat? Ocala Pavilions Pergolas Gazebos Builders is here to bring your vision to life. With our expertise in custom outdoor structures, from tailored pergola solutions to unique gazebo builders, we guarantee a seamless and satisfying project experience.

      For a free consultation and to start planning your dream outdoor space, contact us today. Email: info@tsafla.com or Call: (239) 340-9948



      What types of outdoor structures can you create for my home?

      We specialize in custom pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, enhancing your outdoor space with beauty and functionality.

      How do I start my outdoor project with you?

      Begin with a free consultation by contacting us at info@tsafla.com or calling (239) 340-9948 to share your vision.

      Can you work on commercial outdoor spaces?

      Yes, we design and build elegant structures for commercial patios, parks, and more, tailored to your business needs.

      Can Total Site Amenities assist with outdoor entertainment and living areas?

      Yes, we specialize in transforming spaces into luxurious, tranquil outdoor entertainment and living areas with our custom gazebo, pavilion, and pergola solutions.

      How can I start planning my outdoor transformation?

      You can begin by contacting us for a free consultation. Email us at info@tsafla.com or call (239) 340-9948 to discuss your dream outdoor space, and we’ll guide you through the planning and execution process.


      Gazebo Craftsmanship

      Ocala Builders specialize in custom gazebos, transforming spaces into luxurious, tranquil outdoor entertainment and living areas.


      Pavilion Excellence

      Ocala Builders create custom pavilions for community engagement, blending beauty, functionality, and expert landscape and construction skills.


      Pergola Artistry

      Ocala’s pergola experts craft custom, elegant solutions tailored to enhance and personalize outdoor living spaces uniquely.

      Ocala’s Premier Custom Pavilions, Pergolas, and Gazebos Craftsmen