Outdoor Park Structures in Central Florida

Quality park equipment, landscape, designs, and other outdoor park structures for your community.

Custom Park Structures

At Total Site Amenities, we’re not just building structures; we’re crafting community legacies in Central Florida. Specializing in outdoor park structures, we blend innovative design with practical functionality to create spaces that communities love. 

From large outdoor park shade structures to engaging outdoor park play structures, our expertise in custom site amenities and community development solutions sets us apart.

Designing Parks That Bring Communities Together

Our mission is to transform outdoor spaces into vibrant community hubs. We understand the unique dynamics of Central Florida’s communities and tailor our park structures to enhance these diverse environments.

    Play Structures: Where Fun Meets Safety

    We believe in the power of play to bring communities together. Our outdoor park play structures are designed with safety and fun in mind, providing an engaging environment for children of all ages to explore and grow.


    Building Parks with Purpose and Passion

    Total Site Amenities: Your Trusted Park Builder
    As a leading park construction company in Central Florida, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality park structures. Our team collaborates closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that each project reflects the unique spirit of your community.

    Custom Park Structures

    1. Pavilions
    2. Gazebos
    3. Playgrounds
    4. Picnic Shelters
    5. Restrooms and Washrooms
    6. Bandstands or Amphitheaters
    7. Walking and Biking Trails
    8. Benches and Seating Areas
    9. Water Fountains
    10. Sculptures and Art Installations
    11. Information Kiosks
    12. Boardwalks
    13. Observation Towers
    14. Bridges
    15. Garden & Landscape Structures
    16. Skate Parks
    17. Dog Parks
    18. Splash Pads or Water Play Areas
    19. Fitness Stations or Outdoor Gyms
    20. BBQ Grills and Cooking Areas
    21. Shade Structures
    22. Flower Beds and Landscaping Features
    23. Children’s Play Areas
    24. Wildlife Viewing Areas (like bird-watching huts)

    Community and Public Park Equipment

    Understanding the diverse needs of community and public parks, we design equipment that caters to various activities and age groups, ensuring that your park is a versatile and inclusive space.


    Complete Solutions for Park Development

    Our services extend beyond just building park structures. We offer comprehensive solutions including park contractor services, public park equipment, community park design, and more. Our expertise as a shade structure builder ensures that every aspect of your park is covered, from functional shade structures to interactive play areas.


    Aesthetic and Functional Landscape Structures

    Integrating Art with Nature

    Our landscape structures are thoughtfully designed to complement Central Florida’s natural beauty. We focus on creating designs that blend seamlessly with the environment, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your park.

    Durable and Safe Park Equipment

    We prioritize safety and durability in our park equipment designs. From seating to playground installations, every piece is crafted to endure the elements and provide lasting service to the community.

    Custom Site Amenities for Every Need

    We also specialize in custom site amenities, providing unique solutions like customized mailboxes, park benches, and signage that add a personal touch to your park.


    Start Your Park Project with Total Site Amenities

    Let’s Build Your Dream Park Together

    Are you ready to create an outdoor space that will be cherished for generations? Total Site Amenities is here to make it happen. Call us at (239) 340-9948 or email info@tsafla.com for a free estimate. Let’s collaborate to build a park that captures the essence of your community and provides a lasting legacy in Central Florida.

    Public Park Equipment Builders

    Public Space Furnishings

    Elevate the beauty and functionality of your public spaces with our expertly crafted furnishings.


    Private Space Furnishings

    From backyard patios to upscale resorts, our selection of stylish outdoor furniture will transform any private space.


    Outdoor Furniture

    We offer a wide range of durable, high-quality outdoor furnishings suitable for any outdoor environment.

    Create the Perfect Outdoor Oasis with Our Site Furnishings